All About Providence

Providence Rhode IslandRhode Island is the smallest state within the United States, but that doesn’t mean that there is not plenty to do and see. Providence is the capitol of this state and is named for the river it sits on. Established in 1636, Providence is proud of its history, as one of the original thirteen colonies. Known as an industrial hub for businesses, immigrants found a great home and ample jobs in this area, which made it popular.

Today, Providence is a large city that boasts many things for people to do and see. There are approximately 180,000 people that call this area home. Locals and tourists enjoy concerts on the famous Waterplace Park amphitheater. The Riverwalk is also another famous area that goes through the downtown. There are abundant pubs, restaurants, and quaint shops to attract interest.

Getting around in this city may be difficult due to the intrigue roadway system. The city has more than 1,000 streets and being a smaller city, this can make things congested. Mostly, those who work in the downtown area prefer to commute rather than deal with parking and traffic. The streets are not laid out like most traditional cities, and some say are difficult to follow and maneuver around the city. Thankfully, there are sufficient taxi services available and those visiting don’t need to worry with getting figuring out the road systems.

Rhode Island Capitol

Those interested in moving to Providence will find that there are 25 defined neighborhoods to live in. These neighborhoods range from The Jewelry District to West Broadway. Finding a great home at a good price is not hard in this city. Commonly, row houses and those with two and three stories are popular choices. Most of the homes have been renovated and have the historic charisma that is known throughout the city.

Living in Providence will give a person the best of all the seasons. While this area is known for humid and hot summers, they also have nice, snowy winters. Because of the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it brings in a great deal of precipitation. This area is known for its Nor’easters winter storm systems, which tend to dump buckets of snow.

With eight hospitals in the area, medical care is always close by. The cities warm and friendly locals make Providence an area to live in and visit often. With large companies like, Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University, Bank of America and Citizens Bank, finding a great job is not as difficult here as other parts of the country. Naturally a wide range of services such as Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys also offer employment and services within the region.

There’s something about Providence that makes it special from other cities in the New England area. Whether it’s the well preserved downtown that seems to have tall buildings and nice parks to relax in, or the way the city seems to be well taken care of. There is an undeniable charm that this city has that many others lack. Being close to so many major cities in America, Providence is a great place to work, play and raise a family.